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Values Education - Consequence Cards

Values Education - Consequence Cards

Understanding the consequences of actions, the effect on others and the environment, and developing an empathy for others is important in the development of a strong set of values in children as they develop into young adults.

This set of 28 Consequence Cards describe situations in simple terms allowing hypothesis and on-going discussion. Suitable for use from Kindergarten to Year Five.

The use of the 'consequence cards' can assist differentiation of the class program, they enable the teacher to accommodate the work to particular individuals and groups. The cards can be distributed to individuals or groups selectively, as a stimulus for role play, mime, writing and acting of plays, creative writing, speaking, art work, the use of diagrams or story maps to show what happens, or as a topic for a survey in which responses to the question 'What is likely to happen next?' are recorded by the students. I'm sure you'll think of even more uses.

Children enjoy using these cards. It is interesting to listen to children discuss the various situations independently of the teacher.

The cards measure 20x7cms each and come with suggestions for classroom use.