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Thinking Through Themes - Dinosaurs

Thinking Through Themes - Dinosaurs

Ready-Made Themes linked to Gardner's, Bloom's, Ryan's and DeBono's

GET REAL about incorporating thinking skills in your classroom. Thinking Skills should never be taught in isolation. It's like saying 'ok kids, thinking time is over, put your brains on the desk 'til next time.' Thinking skills should always be taught in context; incorporated in the current classroom theme or topic. They should be used as a tool for extending thinking and building upon what is already known.

So, I've redesigned and updated the ultimate thinking skills packs to create 'THINKING THROUGH THEMES' in a range of typical classroom themes.
Themes include:
The Zoo
Outer Space
The Ocean

Easily adapted for all primary schools levels K-7. Use for individuals, small group or whole class activities.

There are 30 different task cards included to help you cater for the wide range of abilities in your classroom. Each card measures approximately 15x10cms