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Thinking Skills

Thinkers Keys Classroom Display - 20 A5 size keys

Thinkers Keys Classroom Display - 20 A5 size keys

'Tony Ryan's' Thinkers Keys are a set of twenty different activities designed to engage and motivate learners in a range of thinking tasks.
They are ideal for Projects, Homework, Contract Activities, Extension/Gifted Students, Rotational Activities, and Theme activities.

A range of question or task starters are presented as keys to unlocking the analytical, critical and creative thinking abilities of learners.

Some of the Keys include:
The Reverse
Places words such as cannot, never and would not in sentences eg List things you would never see in Australia.

The What if
Ask any what if question and record thinking in graphic organiser

The Alphabet
Compile a list of words from A - Z which have relevance to a given topic or category

Acronym for B=bigger A=add R=remove or replace, can be used for design related activities

The Construction
A problem solving task that requires the creative use of limited quantities

The Disadvantages
Make a list of disadvantages for a specific object or activity

Different Uses
Use the imagination to make a list of different uses for everyday objects

The Combination
List the attributes of two unmatched objects then combine their attributes to create a newer or better product

THINKERS KEYS make a great classroom display.
Print onto coloured paper or card and join the 20 keys together to make a set of keys for teacher/students to refer to in class.