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Teddy Bingo Game Numerals 1-10

Teddy Bingo Game Numerals 1-10

This fabulous bingo game is great for teaching recognition of numerals 1-10, to fill in the last few minutes of the day, as a small group game or as a special treat for the class. An old favourite, the kids love to play BINGO. Choose a child to be caller, you as teacher can take some anecdotal notes for assessment of children's social skills while playing a game or numeral knowledge. The Numeral/Snap Memory Game is a great companion to this game, as the child caller can hold up the number for the children to match. The winning child receives a small token such as a sticker.

BINGO is a fun way to learn to recognise numerals in early learning.

There are 20 Teddy BINGO cards, enough for a large group or several small groups to play at once.

Just add your own counters for matching, or laminate and use a whiteboard marker for write on/wipe off ease.