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Synonym Loop Cards Games - Learning and revision of synonyms

Synonym Loop Cards Games - Learning and revision of synonyms

This set of 30 cards is great for use as a 'whole class' activity. Used to learn and revise synonyms as well as developing memory and listening skills. Knowledge of synonyms helps to improve the quality of children's story writing as they develop a wider vocabulary.

The class sits in a circle. Each child is given a card. If there are more than 30 students choose a student to be timekeeper, another to be observer and report on behaviour etc. See 'Group Roles Made Easy' in Classroom Management resources.

The child with the start card begins. ‘Who has the synonym for start?' the child with the card with ‘begin' then says ‘I have begin', ‘Who has the synonym for little?' and so the game continues until the child with the finish card says ‘FINISH'. The timekeeper reports how long the game took. Redistribute the cards. Repeat the game and try to beat your fastest time. Great for improving memory, listening and auditory perception skills.

Fantastic for use in the morning literacy block or when there is ten minutes to spare! Suitable for all Junior/Middle Primary levels of schooling.