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Sustainability Made Easy - Poster Pack

Sustainability Made Easy - Poster Pack

The National Quality Standard (NQS) encourages educators to reflect on sustainability and what it means in early childhood settings. Standard 3.3 of the NQS invites services to take an active role in promoting sustainable practices in the immediate service environment and beyond, as well as fostering children’s respect and care for the environment.

The Standard aims to support children to develop positive attitudes and values by engaging in learning experiences that link people, plants, animals and the land and by watching adults around them model sustainable practices.

Many services include environmental practices in their everyday programs – by planting vegetable patches, recycling paper and turning off lights when leaving the room, for example. This is a great starting point and opportunities to build a sustainable program are endless.

Early childhood services are at varying stages in the journey to sustainable education and practice. This Poster Pack is designed to inspire your thinking about ways in which your service can build on Standard 3.3.

The pack includes five A4 Posters titled Recycle, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Respect to display in your service/centre/classroom. To get you started with activities there are 'Love the Earth' and 'Happy Earth' badges to make and wear and a 'Recycle Right' Poster to colour!

'Sustainability Made Easy' - this pack helps you on the way!