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'Spelling Rules Made Easy' - 37 Mini-Posters

'Spelling Rules Made Easy' - 37 Mini-Posters

This set of thirty-seven spelling rules in poster form (A5) is an essential teaching aid in every primary school classroom.

The mini-posters cover:

*adding 'd', 'ed', and 't' for past tenses,
*when to double consonants,
*magic 'e', when to drop the 'e',
*silent letters,
*adding 'ing' and 'ly',
*capital letters,
*soft and hard sounds,
*'qu' words,
*degrees of comparison,
*homophones and homographs,
*irregular words,
*exceptions to the rules and more......

You'll love this set. Focus on one poster during a weekly spelling lesson and you have a years worth of Spelling Rules to work on.

'Spelling Rules Made Easy,' …… this set achieves its aim.

The set includes an additional poster with ideas to help with spelling at home. Suitable for teachers in the classroom and parents looking to help their child with Spelling at home. If you love this set check out 'Plurals Made Easy', 10 Posters to make learning the rules for plurals EASY.