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Thinking Skills

Six Thinking Hats - Class Display

Six Thinking Hats - Class Display

Edward de Bono designed the Six Thinking Hats as a tool to assist in the decision making process. He believes that when the thinker has to deal with a wide range of information and perspectives at once the thinker loses focus and thinking becomes muddled.

To help separate information and perspectives de Bono created a tool called the Six Thinking Hats with each hat being a different colour. The Aim? By separating and focusing upon parts of the problem the thinker will be able to make clear choices.

• White Hat – The Facts, seeking information
• Blue Hat – Metacognition, for planning, monitory and thinking about thinking
• Yellow Hat – Positives, looking for the advantages
• Black Hat – Negatives, looking for the disadvantages
• Green Hat - Creativity, generating alternative ideas or solutions
• Red Hat – Feelings, identifying and expressing feelings

This classroom display is designed to assist you the teacher and your students to solve problems and make decisions based upon factual information, clear perspectives and logical thinking.

The pack includes 6 colourful hats and six cards with leading questions for use with each hat.