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Self-Correcting Time Puzzles

Self-Correcting Time Puzzles

Due to the success of the Self-Correcting Alphabet Puzzles and Self-Correcting Number Puzzles and by request I bring you the Self-Correcting Time Puzzles, o'clocks and half past. These large time puzzle cards are perfect to use for Time Activities during Mathematics Rotations. They can be used by individual students, in pairs or for small group work. Students are required to match the time on a clock face, with the time in its written form, to the time on a digital clock.

The puzzles are self-correcting. Only the Clock face depicting one o'clock fits with the words 'One o'clock' and the digital clock showing '1:00' etc. Children love to match up the puzzle cards and as they are self-correcting children grow in confidence as they make a correct match. I'm not sure why but children love to line up the puzzles they have made and get so excited when they are all done. The trick is getting them to pack them away again! Suitable for pre-school, kindergarten, junior primary and special needs children.There are 24 three-piece-puzzles with all o'clock and half past times 1-12.The cards measure 28x9cm and come as pictured, ready to cut into three individual pieces. A great way to teach and reinforce the learning of time. Print your set today!