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Reading Activity Task Cards Upper Primary - 36 assorted tasks

Reading Activity Task Cards Upper Primary - 36 assorted tasks

These colourful reading response activity cards are perfect to use during the morning Literacy Block for Reading Stations or Responding To The Text activities. They can be used by individual students, in pairs or for small group work. The tasks allow for differentiation of the curriculum as they are suited to any levelled reading book the student is reading.

These reading task cards now come in a set especially for Upper Primary Students. The tasks have been designed to cover the levels and areas of thinking in Blooms Taxonomy and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. They are perfect for extending students with higher intellectual potential in Middle Primary Grades.

There are 36 different reading tasks allowing upper primary children to present their knowledge about grammar, sequencing, character study, word study, genres, such as letter writing, debates, persuasion, in a range of ways…. And lots more!

Each card measures 10x8cm