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Class Management

Positive Behaviour Management Charts - 6 A4 size charts

Positive Behaviour Management Charts - 6 A4 size charts

Each poster is A4 size, easy to read and refer to throughout the school day.

Managing student behaviour should be a positive experience for the teacher and the student. The teacher manages the classroom and the students learn to manage their own behaviour. These fantastic POSITIVE behaviour management charts will assist you to do just that. These charts were developed in my classroom over many years... and they work! There are SIX charts as described below.

A Values Chart
Uses simple phrasing and clear pictures to show the behaviours which are most valued in the classroom environment.

Strategies for Resolving Conflict
Conflict is natural part of our lives. When we can't get our own way we feel upset and experience conflict. The way we deal with conflict can make things better or worse. This chart gives some ideas for dealing with conflict in a helpful way.

I Manage Myself / I Care for Others
These two charts replace the old roles and responsibilities or list of rules. They are a simple and short list of expected behaviours for successful learning stated in a positive form. I still involve the students in brainstorming a list of rules for our classroom but then I show them how every one they come up with can fit in the charts I Manage Myself and I Care for others.

Children will offer:

'Don't call out' ... I Manage Myself - I put my hand up to talk,
'Don't punch' ... I Manage Myself - I keep my hands and feet to myself,
'Don't interupt'.... I Care for Others - One person speaks at a time.

Every possible rule the children will offer is covered on these two fantastic charts, stated in positive terms.

Classroom etiquette shows children the importance of manners in daily interactions with others. Important to use and nice to receive.

Good Day Criteria
I always ran through this list with my class at the end of the day. It's nice to finish on a positive note, to reflect on the day and to set goals for improvements if necessary.