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Numeral Snap, Memory, Matching Game - 3 Games in 1

Numeral Snap, Memory, Matching Game - 3 Games in 1

This game includes 20 A5 full colour numeral cards. Each pair of numerals is a different colour allowing learning of both colours and numerals while playing snap, concentration or a matching game. A great way to learn and revise numerals and to develop matching skills.

Cards could be used by individuals for matching games, or by pairs or small groups for games of snap/memory. Great to use as a group concentration game during circle time, in the preschool or kindergarten setting. My preschoolers love to play this quick and fun game. We usually have time to fit in two games! Wonderful for parents who want to prepare their toddlers for preschool.

Each card measures 21 x 15cms. Great for little hands! All the children in the circle can see.

Most suitable for 2-5 year olds, pre-school, kindergarten/reception and special classes.

Three games in one!