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Numeral Handwriting Practice Charts

Numeral Handwriting Practice Charts

For use in the classroom or in the home, by teachers or parents.

These numeral handwriting practice charts are unique in design. Each number has a green dot which shows the child where the numeral begins, tiny arrows to guide the child in the formation of each numeral and a red dot where the numeral ends. They encourage the pencil to stay on the page until the completion of the numeral. Numerals which require two strokes are numbered as such. Do some of your children continually write their 2's, 3's, 5's and 9's back-to-front? This fantastic resource provides junior primary children with the opportunity to learn correct numeral formation.

Help your students with this wonderful teacher resource. Use as an additional activity during Maths Rotations. Can be used by small groups or for individual practice. I often use them for early finishers of Maths Lessons and send them home for extra practice.

Laminate for Write on, Wipe off use with whiteboard markers.

Print this unique teacher resource and your students could be practising correct numeral formation tomorrow!