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Maths Task Cards K-3

Maths Task Cards K-3

These colourful, interesting and engaging Maths Tasks are fantastic to use during teacher directed Maths Lessons or for Maths Stations. They can be used by individual students, in pairs or for small group work. The tasks are suited to Junior Primary age children or Year Three and Four students with special learning needs.

There are 48 different Maths Tasks in all. I have chosen the best of the best Maths activities that I have taught over the past ten years. Chosen because they consistently motivate and engage children in their Mathematics learning.

The tasks cover Number, Space, Measurement and Chance and Data learning activities. Specific concepts addressed include counting, patterning, recognising shapes and numerals, odds and evens, money, estimation, seasons, months and days of the week, time and clocks, using timers, 3D shapes, spatial awareness, closed and open figures, straight and curved edges, longer than, shorter than, mapping, symmetry, tangrams and more....