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Letter Sound Bingo

Letter Sound Bingo

This game includes 6 full colour game cards and a Calling Card. Also includes 26 letter/picture cards for the caller. A wonderful resource for simple letter/picture matching.

The game is played by 2-6 players. Each child has a game card. The caller shuffles and turns the pile of letter cards upside-down. The caller then takes a card and calls out the letter sound on that card. If a child has a picture on their card that begins with that letter they cover it with a counter. The game continues until one child has covered all the squares on their card and is declared winner! The pictures are just gorgeous and easily recognisable for young children.

Great to use for small group literacy activities during the morning literacy block. Can also be used as a simple matching exercise for individual students.

Each game card measures 20 x 14cms. Great for little hands.

Most suitable for junior and lower primary grades.

Add this simple and fun game to your Alphabet Box.