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Juggling Vowels CVC Medial Sounds Task Cards

Juggling Vowels CVC Medial Sounds Task Cards

This game includes 60 full colour game cards or print back to back to save valuable resources. Consonant-Vowel-Consonant Words are the next stage in learning to read after learning the alphabet letter sounds and names. Great for developing beginning reading skills. Children must match the appropriate middle sounds within each simple CVC word frame and identify those that make real words and those that make nonsense words.

Eg. h..a..m, h..e..m, h..i..m, h..u..m, make real words while h..o..m, can be sounded but makes a nonsense word.

'Playing' with the initial sounds in this way teaches children the importance of each letter in a word and how by changing just one letter a new word can be made.

The juggling clown graphic is most engaging for young children. The cards could be used by individuals or in pairs. Great to use for literacy activities during the morning literacy block.

Cards measure aprox 10 x 10cms and are managable for little hands. Each card is unique - there are 60 different word frames.

Most suitable for pre-school, kindergarten/reception and lower primary grades.