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Thinking Skills

'Introducing Thinkers Keys' Task Cards - The Brainstorming Key - Set of 32 Tasks

'Introducing Thinkers Keys' Task Cards - The Brainstorming Key - Set of 32 Tasks

Suitable for all primary students-in any grade!

Each set of Task Cards is designed to introduce an individual Thinkers Key as a thinking concept, a fantastic teaching and learning tool to use in the classroom. There are twenty Thinkers Keys. These sets of 32 Task Cards introduce 8 of the Thinkers Keys through participating in active Thinking Tasks.

How to use them in your classroom:

Set aside time each week to focus on introducing new Thinking Skills. Select one for the whole class to work on or allow students to work in pairs or individually on a task of their choice.

Use them:

for homework tasks
as early finisher activities
as free time activities
for gifted students

These tasks are open-ended allowing for a range of solutions or ideas. The teacher and the student decide on the number of ideas to be generated and the expected achievement level. Students could write, draw, make, perform, use graphic organisers or design their solutions to the given problems.

More often than not, there are no right or wrong answers. These tasks encourage and promote individual, creative and lateral thinking. All students have the opportunity to achieve success with these Thinkers Keys task cards.

SO... keep up with current curriculum initiatives and introduce Thinkers Keys in your own 'thinking classroom'!

The Brainstorming Key.
Students are required to brainstorm a list of solutions to a problem which needs to be solved. All answers are valid and 'piggybacking' on others ideas is encouraged.

Eg. Brainstorm ways to encourage people to use public transport.