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Groupwork Made Easy Set

Groupwork Made Easy Set

Why Collaborative Learning?
Most simply, the purpose of collaborative learning is the completion of a group project.

The Benefits
‘Collaborative learning activities can provide students with the opportunity to think for themselves, compare their thinking with others, conduct small research projects, investigate subject matter with fellow students, and to practice using higher level cognitive thinking skills. It can provide activities that encourage students to confront the logic of their own thinking, their own beliefs, and the accuracy of their understanding of previous learning'
(Nagata and Ronkowski, 1998)

Successful Group Work is only possible if each member follows the rules and fully understands their role. This pack includes a poster of the ‘Rules for Collaborative Learning' and A5 size cards explaining the roles of the leader, recorder, timekeeper, encourager, reporter and contributors. Every role is important to the groups success and it is important that children practice undertaking each role.

This fabulous resource pack is designed to help the teacher to 'Make Group Work Easy'.
Fantastic for use during all Collaborative Learning Opportunities!

Suitable for all Junior and Primary levels of schooling.