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Gardners Multiple Intelligences Spelling Word Activities - Huge Pack Of 72 Activities

Gardners Multiple Intelligences Spelling Word Activities - Huge Pack Of 72 Activities

These Spelling Activities provide a fantastic opportunity to truly differentiate the curriculum according to individual students needs. These activities help to ensure children are completing tasks suited to their strengths and aimed at their preferred learning styles. They also allow them to identify the strengths they would like to develop and focus on those activities.

The set includes a Chart which shows the symbols used in this resource to indicate which is the dominant ‘Smart' being used. The activity cards each have a symbol indicating if the activity promotes the development of verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, body/kinaesthetic, musical/rhythmic, interpersonal/social or intrapersonal skills.

There is an AMAZING 72 different spelling activities suitable to use with any spelling list. Allows children to be working on a spelling list suited to their individual needs.

This fantastic resource took many years of 'trying out' activities to develop. It includes the best of the best activities, tried and tested in over ten years of classroom teaching.

Chosen because they consistently motivate and engage children in their Spelling activities. These colourful, interesting and engaging Spelling Activities are fantastic to use for individual activities, spelling rotations or during teacher directed Spelling Lessons.

They can be used by individual students, in pairs or for small group work.

The tasks are mainly suited to the Junior/Middle Primary levels of schooling but many are suitable for use in Upper Primary classrooms too.

The cards measure 10x7cm each