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Thinking Skills

Gardners Multiple Intelligences Poster Pack Part One

Gardners Multiple Intelligences Poster Pack Part One

8 A5 Posters for Classroom Use and Display

Traditionally intelligence was seen as maths and language based, however, recent research shows that people have different strengths or intelligences and learn best in different ways.

In 1983, American psychologist Howard Gardner formulated the theory of Multiple Intelligences. Gardner's work informed educators of the different ways people process information and the importance of designing learning activities to cater for these differences. Initially Gardner theorised that there were seven intelligences but in recent years more have been added.

This classroom display is designed to assist you the teacher to consider individual children's SMARTS when planning and for children to be able to identify their dominant SMART and areas for growth. The pack includes one A4 size colourful poster and 8 A5 size bright posters for a gorgeous classroom display. Which smart are you?