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First 100 Sight Words Posters

First 100 Sight Words Posters

Benefits of learning the 'First 100 Sight Words'

"Being able to read many words automatically by sight contributes massively to fluent reading and is the most efficient way to unlock the meaning of any text."
- Westwood 2001

"Every language has a group of common words which are in constant use. They make up the framework of the language - the essential structure which helps you to read other words....These words are called basic sight words because they must be known by sight - instantly... They provide the framework from which other words in the sentence can be worked out, using context clues."
- Andrews, 1997

"Anyone who has listened to unskilled readers stumbling along the page, making lots of mistakes, knows that their comprehension of what they read is likely to be shattered by the amount of cognitive effort that is being diverted to the task of saying words. If these children were able to read quickly and accurately, then the extra mental energy saved by not having to struggle with each word, could be applied to comprehending what they read, which is what reading is all about."
- Nicholson 1998

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