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Digraph Board Games - Set of Three

Digraph Board Games - Set of Three

Learning and revision of 'sh', 'th' and 'ch' words

The 'Digraph Board Games', include the Shipwrecked 'Sh' Game, the Thinkers 'Th' Game and the 'Ch' Word Challenge. They are designed to introduce and provide practice and revision in words beginning and ending with these important digraph sounds.

These games allow children to learn these essential words in a fun way.

Each game can be played by 2-6 players.

Player One takes their turn to roll the dice. Player One must read the 'special word' that they land on. If the player cannot read the word they must go back to where they moved from. 'Go ahead', 'Go back' and 'Trade Places' spaces add the element of chance to the game. Play continues with the next player in turn until one player lands on or passes 'Finish' and is declared winner.

They can then play again with the next board!

Fantastic for use during rotations in the morning literacy block!

Suitable for all Junior and Middle Primary levels of schooling.