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CHRISTMAS Thinking and Writing Task Cards

CHRISTMAS Thinking and Writing Task Cards

Christmas Activities linked to Gardner's, Blooms, Ryan's and DeBono's

Suitable for all primary school levels K-7

This fantastic teacher resource includes 48 Thinking and Writing Tasks on the theme of Christmas.

Need time to tidy up after a messy Christmas Craft?

Need time to do some individual assessment before report writing?

Sick of using the same old Christmas Activities year in and out?

Still keen to cater for the varying needs of your students in the wind down to Christmas holidays?

Then grab your set of Christmas Thinking and Writing Tasks today.

These great activities have been designed incorporating the thinking skills outlined by Gardner.

Students will be encouraged to be picture smart, music smart and people smart.

eg. Design a set of stamps to be used for sending Christmas Cards this year.

Money raised from the sale of your stamps will go to providing Christmas hampers for the needy.

They use the levels of thinking outlined in Blooms Taxonomy.

Students will be encouraged to analyse, apply, create, evaluate and design.

eg. Design a poster advertising the 'must have' toy this Christmas.

Think of a slogan to make sure sales of this item are 'through the roof'.

They use the Thinkers Keys designed by Tony Ryan to encourage children to think broadly and laterally.

eg. List ten presents that you know you will never receive for Christmas and

Predict the ten most popular children's presents in 100 years from now.

And there are activities using Edward DeBono's Thinking Hats.

eg. Use your red hat to record your feelings about

* receiving a present you already have.

* placing a present under the giving tree

* Christmas dinner with your family.

Most of the tasks can be used by individual students, in pairs or for small group work.

There are 48 fantastic Thinking and Writing Tasks to choose from.

Each card measures approximately 14x5cms