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Alphabet Song/Chart 26 A4 Full-Colour Cards

Alphabet Song/Chart 26 A4 Full-Colour Cards

This gorgeous Alphabet song was a favourite of my kindergarten/reception children. The pictures are full-colour, just gorgeous and easily recognisable for young children.

Looks wonderful on display as a classroom Alphabet Chart and is a fantastic resource to sing the Alphabet Song with your children. Sung to the tune of 'Skip to my loo'....... My eight year old still likes to sing it on long car trips. This version has been updated to be more politically correct and to make sense. Therefore, there are no indians itching or kings kicking kettles or jelly beans jumping, instead this version has 'in the icy igloo', 'koala and kangaroo' and 'jumping the jumprope'. Most of the other words are the same. I know you'll love this updated version.

Fantastic for reinforcing letter sound knowledge in a fun way. We would sing it every day when introducing new letter sounds or in the five minutes wind down before going out to play. Would also be great for use in childcare/early learning centres. Most suitable for pre-school, kindergarten/reception and lower primary grades.