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Alphabet Charts for the Regular Classroom Large A4 size

Alphabet Charts for the Regular Classroom Large A4 size

These bright and colourful Alphabet Charts are gorgeous. You won't find a pair of shoes for the letter 's' on these charts. Does that frustrate you as much as it does me? Beautifully matched pictures and sounds with easily recognisable pictures make them perfect for young learners and ESL children. Vowels are highlighted. You can even print the first 100 sight words (found under the literacy tab) on the back for handy reference. When added to class desks they provide children with a quick reminder of letters, sounds and high frequency words when writing.

Large A4 size suits Preschool, Kindergarten, Reception, Year One and Two students. Alphabet Charts suited to teaching in the Christian/Private school setting which include J for Jesus, M for Mary and P for pray are also available for download and printing. These alphabet charts will be a colourful and useful addition to your classroom.