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18 Fantastic Learning Games

18 Fantastic Learning Games

This fantastic pack of classroom games is an essential resource for every teacher. You will be the favourite teacher in your school when you use these games for revision in your classroom.

Why shouldn't learning be fun?

The '18 Fantastic Learning Games' pack includes 18 cards each with the 'Aim' of the game and detailed instructions of ‘How To Play'. Each card details a different classroom game to revise spelling, maths and/or general classroom content. Most of the games require little to no preparation.

Some of the games use knowledge of traditional games such as 'Heads Down, Thumbs Up', Tic-Tac-Toe and Concentration and adapt the rules to include revision of current classroom content. Details are given for how the games can be adapted for revision in all areas of the curriculum.

Children will love 'Funtime Friday' (this used to be games afternoon in my classroom) and won't even know they are learning while playing these fun classroom games. The games promote classroom cooperation and thinking skills.

Games can be adapted for all primary Year Levels Reception, Kindergarten to Year/Grade Seven.