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If you would like to make a direct deposit to our bank account the details follow. Please notify us of your payment by email at info@teachingmadeeasyprint.com.au.

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Teaching Made Easy Troubleshooting Guide

I can't sign in!!!

Under 'Member Login' type in the email address and password you chose when purchasing your subscription. When you are Logged In the Logout button appears. The page resets to the home page but you are logged in. If you have any difficulties please contact us at info@teachingmadeeasyprint.com.au and we can reset your password for you. We are here to help.

The fonts look wrong in my browser!

Depending on the browser you are using and the fonts you have loaded on your computer some resources may present incorrectly when you download and open them to print. Be reassured that all fonts are embedded in the PDF files and will print correctly. Even though it may look incorrect on the screen, it will print correctly because the font is embedded.

I can’t download a file!

Do you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer? You may need to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader at  http://get.adobe.com/reader/  For the majority of subscribers there are no issues with downloads or printing. For a couple of people a tweak of their system quickly resolves the issue. Please work through these questions. Are you using broadband or dial-up internet? Do you know the speed of your connection? On the blank page that opens is the green meter on the bottom right hand side of your screen filling? Does it say in the bottom left hand side, 'downloading from .....etc.' If so, you need to allow time for the whole document to open, sometimes a couple of minutes, depending on your connection speed. If not, click on tools at the top of your screen, open internet options and delete 'cookies' or clear recent 'history'. Cookies are just little bits of memory reminding your computer to open faster on web pages you have previously opened, this won't hurt anything but will remove any memory your computer has of 'bad commands' or files not opening properly. If you are still experiencing problems opening documents after restarting your computer please contact us again at info@teachingmadeeasyprint.com.au and include details of your computer hardware, software and internet connection as well as a specific description of exactly what occurs when you press the ‘download’ button. This information will help us to provide the best information to solve your specific issue.

From what I understand reading the Terms and Conditions regarding copyright, we cannot print & use the resources in schools/pre schools?

You can print and use the resources in schools/preschools. We have enabled copying of text, images and other content on the ‘EYLF Made Easy’ Package only to enable educators to alter them to suit their own teaching and learning context. However, as professional courtesy and in line with Australian Copyright Laws we ask that you please acknowledge the work and intellectual property ownership of Teaching Made Easy upon any documents created using parts of this package. For example, you could include 'We acknowledge the work of www.teachingmadeeasy.com.au in the development of this resource' written somewhere on the new document. It is also important to note that $49.95 covers a single-user subscription for your personal use. A lot of time has gone into the development of the website and resources over the past four/five years. If other educators/parents admire a resource you have printed for use we ask that you direct them to www.teachingmadeeasy.com.au to take out their own subscription. Thank you!

It is my understanding that the EYLF is a personal way of working and as much as I would like to make my life easier, I don’t think everyone documenting the same way is what is expected. (I could be wrong) Can you please clarify this for me? Thanks.... and, do you offer a money back guarantee for people who are unhappy with their purchase?

There is not ONE right way to document. It is not our intention to say 'here, this is how you do it'. Teaching Made Easy are providing are starting point, some templates to work from, we have enabled copying of text, images and other content on these resources to allow educators to make their own decisions and alter them to suit their own teaching and learning context. We are trying to remove some of the trepidation around implementing EYLF and to relieve the stress of time-poor teachers. We are demonstrating a way to include reflective practices, child interests, parent feedback and cultural competencies in the amazing programs you are already implementing in your centres. We will gladly refund your money if you do not find the EYLF Made Easy Package or other Teaching Made Easy resources a useful set of resources to work with. We haven’t had a dissatisfied customer yet!

What do I get for $49.95?

You receive a yearlong subscription to Teaching Made Easy for just $49.95! Download and print all of the Teaching Made Easy resources and the 'EYLF Made Easy' package. Your subscription includes access to all resource updates and an on-going service committed to designing more of the resources you love! Your subscription allows us to maintain the website and continue to develop and add new resources to save busy teachers time and money. Your support is appreciated.

Other questions or comments?

Teaching Made Easy staff are here to help you, send an email to info@teachingmadeeasyprint.com.au and we will reply at our earliest convenience.

Phone enquiries can be made during business hours, 9am-5pm seven days a week.

Phone no. - 0403439700